Drive traffic from Reddit to your business with weekly content

Ribbit takes away the time-sucking work of promoting your product by doing it for you every week to targeted audiences of over 100,000 people for as low as $69/mo

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How it works

We help you provide value in the form of written content over a span of time


You tell us about your product

Whatever your business wants to promote whether it's content, a service or a product, we'll have you fill out a form describing your business and its mission in interesting ways.


We'll match you to up to 10 subreddits

We’ll match you to up to 10 targeted subreddits, with a total of over 100,000 members. These will be communities that are most likely to be interested in your product/content/service.


We'll write 4 articles that provide value

From the information you provide to us about your business, we’ll create up to 4 short articles. We’ll post each one weekly to each community. These posts will aim to provide value to the subreddits which in turn will boost your brand credibility in those communities.

Promote Your Product Today

Previous Work

We've helped businesses positively promote their content and products in subreddits consisting of around 100,000 members or more!

Why use Ribbit?

Reach highly targeted audiences of over 100,000

Ribbit matches you to subreddits with communities that are likely to be interested in your business

Present your brand as a contributor—not a pest

Unlike other promotion services that just spam your brand across the web, Ribbit provides value to the communities you want to reach in the form of written content.

Gain compounding, organic traffic over time

Ribbit posts an article a week, on your behalf, to targeted subreddits. These posts naturally appear in Google searches, boosting your business' SEO


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Ready to starting driving organic traffic from Reddit?

Ribbit is your last mile marketing solution. It works especially well alongside Facebook & Google Ads!